Who Is?

Aaron Bingle.. : Deja-Tunes

Andreas Bingel is the funder of Deja-Tunes.

As an artist and producer the cooperating with the Hamburg/Germany based publisher ‚Scoop Music‘ began back in 1995. 1997 Bingel’s ‚Ich-Zwerg‘ project (German Rap / Pop) got signed to Mercury Records, nowadays Universal Records. Touring with the Black Eyed Peas, Jazz-kantine and Tab Two and cooperations like with the German Big Band leader Peter Thomas (Edgar Wallace, Raumpatroullie Orion) followed. His first album Zwergalaxis (produced by Axel Kroell, featuring artists Helge Schneiders „Buddy Casino“, Falk Schacht, Rolling Stones Tour Horn Section) got mixed in New York in the legendary D&D Hip-Hop studios (Kieran Walsh Mixer, from Tribe called Quest; Mike „Tweakin'“ Rogers who mixed Deee-Lite; Bob Brockman who mixed Fugees). He played many live gigs (German Popkomm, Hurricane/Southside festival), musicvideos that were rotating on MTV and Viva.

In 2000 Bingel funded the Deja-Tunes and entered into the international music-market. More than 150 releases with his projects Deja-Move and Aaron Bingle (Brazilectro, Hôtel Costes, Asialounge, on labels suchlike Sony Music, Universal Records, BMG, Wagram Records France and more) were following. Cooperations with artists Nneka, Lizz Fileds and the project Channel Two together with his partner from L.A. (featuring guests Patrice, Tre Hardson form Pharycyde, Apl.de.ap from  Black Eyed Peas). The Rolling Stone magazine wrote: ‚Aaron Bingle has an amazing collection of synthezisers and he really knows how to tweak them‘. The absorption in the studiowork brought licensings in medial sectors and requests for musicproductions, advertisement, film and tv. Bingel cooperated with the US-American agency ‚Transcenders Music‘ and produced music for the movie ‚Bring It On – In It To Win It/Fox Searchlight‘, contributed music for serveral scenes in the tv series ‚Outsourced/NBC‘ and more plus additional music licensing for tv series like ‚Melrose Place 2009‘ or ‚Smallville‘. Bingel mastered ‚GZSZ Compilation‘ for Embassy of Music and the single ‚High Heels‘ featuring soulsinger ‚Omar‘. Deja-Tunes works as a label and a publishing unit (Deja Music Publishing), representing music of artists suchlike Tobitob (5 Sterne Deluxe / Moonbootica), The Bas Lexter Ensample, Australias Audiophysical and his very own project Deja-Move.

DJ Locations/Gigs:

  • Radiosets: Ibiza Global Radio, Byte FM, Radio Hit Energy, Radio Z Nürnberg
  • Resident with guests Frohlocker, Renegades of Jazz and others: Cumberlandsche Galerie – Hannover
  • Resident: 3 Raum – Hannover 
  • Resident: Wanderclub – Hannover 
  • Resident: Golden Pudel – Hamburg (Igloo Soundsystem)
  • Resident: Bar 211 – Hamburg 
  • Gigs: Hühnerposten, Kunstverein (Moonbootica-Party, Hamburg)
  • Terrace Hill – with Quantic – Hamburg
  • Mojo Club – PP Sales Night – Hafengeburtstag – Hamburg
  • Mandarin Hinterzimmer (Mojo) Guest @ The Private Session – Hamburg
  • L’oreal Maybelline – New York Lounge – Hamburg
  • Breuninger – Media Lounge – Hamburg
  • Empire Riverside – Lounge – Hamburg
  • Metaway Media Agency – Hamburg
  • Hühnerposten – Hamburg  – Party
  • Golden Cut – Hamburg