Tre Hardson  Hip Hop/ Soul Artist

  Terry Dexter  Female Soul & R n B Singer

  Joy Jones  Female Spoken Word & Soul Singer

  Ming  Female R n B Singer /U.S.

  Mr. Yoshiaki  The other half of Channel Two / musiproducer & friend

  Black Shakespeare  Reggae Singer/ U.S.

  E-Dee  Dancehall Celebrity

  Mario von Hacht / Visit Venus   Musicproducer / friend

  Ralf-e  Deephouse Musicproducer  Rapper / U.S.

  Kim Hill  Female R n B / Soul Singer / U.S.

  Chriscontrol  Musicmate, Producer

  Channel Two Website  Home of US/EU Crossover Coop Channel Two.

  Riccicomoto  Soulful Artist, Producer

  Marc Deal Producer & DJ

  Lady Smiles DJane from Vienna. Listen to her beautiful barsets!

  Razoof  Cologne – Deephouse & Chill.

  Christoph Isermann  Musicmate – bassplayer & scrorewriter

  Karbunck Lottinger  Creative guy!

  Deja-Move  Labelproject (Aaron’s other project)

  Ben Mono  Musicmate – Ben makes you dance!

  NFA  Musicmate – The „voice“ of Channel Two

  Moonbootica  Musicmates in Hamburg – They make you sweat !

  Michael Sauer  Dj Mate/ Music Mate in Hamburg – Electric Mojo

  Roguesoul  Michael Sauer’s Drum & Bass project.

  Patrice  Musicmate / Cologne

  Nneka  „Touch “Nneka’s debut album is nearly as cool as her hair-do!”

  Lizz Fields  Female R n B Vocalartist

  Treshold Project  Electronic / Cologne

  Hellmut Hattler  Legendary bassplayer and musician