Direction: New Soul, Cinematic, Reggae. 

Releases: Allusion (Album), Solaris Suite (Album)

Audiophysical 2

Audiophysical is Andre Lamb, New Zealand born multi instrumentalist, producer and visual artist. Strongly influenced by hip-hop and beat head culture of the late 90’s, Lamb began producing music in the early 2000´s alongside his audio visual work (this focused on a blend of skateboarding and abstract cinematography set to Dj Krush and swathes of the Ninja Tune catalogue).

Simultaneously joining a 10 piece band at this time, the opportunity to perform and record became available and Lamb started to create his own samples and style of beat making. Broadened influences, a few years of experiences and a vibrant new scene in Wellington NZ exposed Lamb to vintage instruments and an array of open and talented musicians. A city soaked in Dub, Jazz, Afro, Psychedelia and improv had Lamb in a new band performing and producing constantly. Networking friendships like with ‘Renegades Of Jazz’ and other creatives around the globe pushed Lamb further into beatmaking and long distance production. In 2009 Lamp moved to Europe. 

Belgium, Spain, Germany and a long list of cohorts brought Audiophysical into a new phase. The studio-time and life in Berlin gave Lamb a greater insight into what he wanted from his music. A mix of beats produced while traveling, followed by recording sessions and overdubbing is what fuels Audiophysical´s current material. Lamb´s vision is one of cinematic beats and lush melodic instrumentation fused in a dusty analogue setting.

In 2016 Lamp released his first fulltime-longplayer album ‘Allusion’ and later in the same year Solaris Suite on Deja-Tunes. The list of countries and collaborators continues to grow as does the music. Lamb’s desire to further hone his crafts is paramount and the combination of the audio and the visual is what´s on the horizon by his own accounts.