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Visions: ’so smooth, so laid back – sounds like the soundtrack to making vanilla sex in space‘.

Raveline: ‚the perfect soundtrack for an evening at the beach with the favorite person of your choice‘.

Max: ’sounds like sunday…relaxed electronic beats that won´t allow any stress to come up‘.

RTV | (tv mag, comes along with HAZ): ‚almost perverted good keyboardsounds…finally a serious cd against bad sundays‘.

Ten Dance (online): ‚fantastic and unique‘

Radio: NDR4, Klassik, NDRNJ, DLR, RBBR1.

TV: Viva Electronic Beats

Voices: Quantic about Deja Dub: The track is great, very soulful, like it a lot. 


Aaron Bingle 


Rolling Stone: ‚Aaron Bingle has an amazing collection of synthezisers and he really knows how to tweak them‘.

Style and the Family Tunes: ‚Aaron Bingle is the architect of the musical ‚Betty Ford Hospital“.

Tendance: ‚here is somebody working, who lives the roots of electronic music‘. / online (about Brazilectro 4): ‚The outstanding tracks on this compilation are the tunes from Henri Salvador and Aaron Bingle‘.

Radio: Air: HRXXL Chill Out, Fritz Radio, Radio EINS, KFJC, Hot FM, RB, RBBFE, WDR

TV: Viva Electronic Beats, Tide

DJ Voices: Ben Mono: ‚Can You hear me now” is a fat beat.‘, Trus `Me: ‚Good quality work…‘, Michael Sauer: ‚The whole album is a continiously nice and likeable album production.‘, Mash & Munkee: about Can you Hear Me Now: ‚fuck this is great! perfect tune – I neeeed this!‘. Voted by DJs: LTJ BukemSteven Yang (Acid Jazz)


Channel Two


Juice (German Hip Hop Mag): ‚The name -Channel Two- should defnetly be reminded, it wouldn´t be surpising if they were big in business soon.‘

New Soul Mag (online): With a vast amount of knowledge in their front pockets, the duo has made soul and loungey electronica into musical neighbors. Thus they have created the type of music that is played in those dimly lit hole in the wall spots that look like nothing on the outside, but are actually something inside. …this album is full of artists that wear the tracks like jewelry: simultaneously complimentary.

Playlists & Radio: Quantic (Christmas Selection.Box), Gilles Peterson (BBC), Bogaloo Radioshow, Coffee Breaks For Heroes & Villains,,,, WDR.

Features: Cornerstone Promotion / NYC Feature Channel Two’s ‚S’posed To Be‘ featuring Joy Jones, Suite903 compilation vol. 12, mixed by BBC’s 1Xtra DJ Benji B., Exact Science presents cd series, features Channel Two’s ‚One and Only featuring Slim Kid Tre and Brixx‘.

Featured in films & tv serives: Chris Rock Movie – I think I love my wife (Fox Searchlight), Our Family Wedding (Fox Searchlight), Smallville, The Unusuals, Melrose Place 2009, NCIS Los Angeles and more.